Founded in 2009 by a special education teacher who saw a need to reach children beyond the classroom, Celebrate Ability is a company small enough to provide personalized attention, yet large enough to meet all of your waiver needs. Celebrate Ability offers a full range of wrap-around in-home services including Family Consultation, Intensive Individual Support Services (IISS), Therapeutic Integration (TI), and Respite. We do not believe that there is only one therapeutic approach for all children with autism. For this reason, our team of Family Consultants is made up of members with a wide variety of relevant backgrounds, including Behavioral Analysis, speech therapy, conflict resolution, communication devices, transitioning, and special education. By pairing families with a Family Consultant who is the best match for their child, we are able to create truly individualized treatment plans that is effectively implemented by our experienced team of IISS and Respite Technicians.


Noel Bingham, M.Ed.

Founder and Executive Director

Noel Bingham began her career in working with students with autism as an IISS and respite technician over 20 years ago 

Kay Inoue, MA

Director of In-Home Supports

Kay worked for the Child Development and Autism Centers at Nationwide Hospitals..

Joanne Miller, M.Ed. ACAS

Director of Operations

Joanne’s love of working with children and families began at an early age 

Erin Clark, M.Ed.

Quality Control Director/Case Manager

Erin is thrilled to join the Celebrate Ability team!

Human Resources

Sina Huber-Daniels

Director of Administration

Sina Huber- Daniels is the Director of Administration who started that role for Celebrate Ability in September 2019

Jen Crowe

Payroll and Billing Specialist

Jen Crowe joined our team in August of 2021 as our payroll specialist. Prior to focusing on billing/payroll for us

Ryan Parker

Administrative Specialist

Ryan joined the Celebrate Ability team in 2022 as an administrative specialist, specializing in the business aspects of operations

Transition and Adult Services

Michelle Lingebach, M.A. SPED/M.A.C.

Transition and Adult Services

Michelle Lingebach is a Case Manager, Adult Life Planner, and Family Consultant that draws on her experience as a Service Facilitator, Service Coordinator, ABA Therapist, Mental Health Worker, and Special Education teacher

Case Managers

Antoine Kennedy, M.Ed.

Director of Consultation Services

Antoine started his career as a Special Education teacher in the Baltimore City Public School system where he taught students (3rd – 8th grade) on the autism spectrum and various developmental disabilities.

Dana Pecco, MS, LPC

Case Manager

Dana Pecco has over 15 years of experience working with children and adolescents with special needs. Prior to joining the team at Celebrate Ability,

Jessica Kajdas, M.A Sp.Ed.

Case Manager

Jessica is a Case Manager, Adult Life Planner, and Family Consultant with Celebrate Ability and currently oversees Anne Arundel County and part of Frederick County.

Recruitment & Training

Kim Avarello, M.S. Sp.Ed.

Recruitment Specialist

Kim Avarello has been working with individuals with autism and their families for more than 20 years.


Tayana Edwards

Recruitment Specialist

Tayana Edwards is a key member of the Celebrate Ability administrative team working primarily as a recruitment specialist.